from the mouth of C. H. Spurgeon

"It is the incessant turmoil of the world, the constant attraction of earthly things, which takes our soul from Christ. We must be determined that whatever else we let slip through our fingers and from our minds, we will hold fast to Jesus." C. H. Spurgeon

This world is so full of hate and evil - everything that God despises. It isn't easy to be here living here amongst Satan himself (who does everything in his power to make sin look appealing and most of the time does a sucessful job). Considering we are human and failing is part of our very being, it isn't a difficult task for Satan to creep up on any of us at any moment and take our minds and hearts away from the flawless one. God so badly wants us to love him and to follow him with our whole hearts - but this is nearly impossible here on earth because of all the attractive, yet sinful things that each of us engage in everyday - with each of us having our weaknesses that Satan and his army prey on every minute of everyday --- so as each second passes, we need to recognize our failures as humans and hold on to the hand of the only one that can lead us down the path of righteousness and the only one who is willing to not only forgive us when we let go - but pick up right where we left off - every single time.


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