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Reasons for Living

I have found in the last few weeks of my life - needing to understand not just my own, but others reasons for doing what they do : living for all intensive purposes. Well I can honestly say from the outside looking in on others lives around me - it can be a bit of a mystery. However digging into my own processes, thoughts, and life - I have come to realize that life is and has always been for me (albeit at different levels of emotional, mental, and physical strength) - about big picture goals and helping others. Coming from an introvert that can seclude into my house with ease - the later can be tricky and sometimes you need to get creative. By helping others - it can be simple - owning a store gives me the flexibility now that I didn't have before .... and also gives me means and opportunity to do something nice for someone I know. Money and things that are needs for people have always been something that can easily be given. Can put a smile on someones face and make people paus

Dig Deeper or Dig Smarter?

 I have been wondering quite a bit lately regarding how it is possible to work as hard as I do sometimes and still feel like I am moving sideways,  in circles, or just at a slower pace than it feels it should. Because of this - I decided to start looking at how I address life's challenges. How I put my head down and push through some times when I don't feel like it. I find that when things don't make sense I try to make sense of them to fast and end up making less sense than I did when I started trying to make the sense in the first place. (wow that was a good example of what I mean). What I have come around to is this... when we hit moments in our lives and we find in ourselves needing to dig deeper for extra in ourselves - would it not be better to take a step back, or think from another perspective than we are currently sitting at. Thinking smarter can mean a whole lot of different things. This can be as simple as taking a break, going to work out, taking a walk, findi