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comsuming darkness

"groping in the darkness, thrashing my arms at anything in hopes to touch something real . . . something firmilar . . . as my very breath is being held from my lungs and my heart races at this unhealthy pace I am lost in this darkness . . . where are you as I am being taken into this this other world. This voice booms in my head and i can do nothing to wake up from this. . . Fear has gripped onto me, becomes so much of all I feel and refuses to let go Everything I feel is nothing of you . . . where are you as i wake to find this nightmare is now my reality ?"

quiet reminders

I truly know right now ... in this moment that you are here. I know right now that there is more to this life then it alone can give me and i fell the greater story being played out through my heart . . . but when the darkness comes and hoping not knowing becomes reality - when blind faith is all there is to grasp with my fingertips . . . when I am searching for life again and start to panic i beg you to whisper into the darkness once more quietly reminding my heart "I exist and I am here" (because that simple fact can be so easy to forget)