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"i fall face down before you and a stand in awe at the works of your hands. You are stirring things up and moving in such obvious and powerful ways and my life although chaotic and painful is full of the sense of your presence. I continue to stand in amazment to your peace and joy that has filled my life through your spirit and i pray that as things continue on this rollercoaster ride that i would not get caught up in all that is flashing by me (at paces quicker than i my eyes can keep up with) and focus on you always and my i always remain humbled by your power and majesty!" ac


i'm so alone and beated down and am being consumed by this black cloud that has engolfed me - I can't even see myself . . . forget anything else in here . . . it's so easy to believe the in things that are circling my head because  it feels as if you have left me alone and there is nothing else but the hope I once had to allow me to believe . . . if you're there I need to hear you . . . If you're with me grab me touch me - remind my heart again what my head has forgotten so easily . . . I need you to come to my rescue and remind me once again of everything I used to be so sure of . . . please awake me from this nightmare"