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stumbling through darkness

brought up from the early blogging days - but thought that the renaming of the blog needed some extra explaination....

anyway here it is ...

"spiraling out of control
when will this neverending ride
come to a stop?

i cant see
in front of me
as it quickly disappears
into hindsight
and i have lost all
sense of

i may look calm and cool
but that is no reflection
of the raging emotions
my soul is fighting

(it was a loosing battle from the start)

i wish i felt
the way i come across
so strong
able to handle anything
but the truth is ...
i am weak,
broken and bruised
from the twists and turns
life's wild ride
is conjuring up

i have hit one to many walls
and stumbled in the dark
on so many roots
that i have had to start crawling
lacking the strength to make it any other way

one day i will make it to the end
of this
but for now all i can do
is wait, keep the faith,
push on through this journey
cause right now I do not possess the
courage and ability

a fork in the road

"What would you say
if i told you that
there was very little to be
afraid of ..
that by supressing
your want of love
you are holding back
on something that
may be
worth more then
you have
begun to realize.
Would you then
open up
your eyes and
maybe your heart
to the possibility of
more ...
(with me... )
i can't help but want
you to
to open your eyes
to all of
the possibilities.
to let yourself go
and let your
heart and soul
open up to me.
at this fork in the
road oF your life,
which path are
you going to follow?
Will you trust me?
. . .
will you trust me
with your heart?"


an reflection of my Savior

I love this picture for many reasons... but I think what strikes me the most about it.. is how the reflection is a perfect image of the real thing --

the path ahead

We never know exactly where God is leading us ... but he gives us previews... and no matter where it is we are going - we can always have the confidence and assurance that he knows are hearts and is leading us to a place of further intamacy and greater joy in him then we have ever known... although it may be rough at times... and it can look unpleasing to our human senses... in the end - you will fall on your knees in awe at all he has done - even though the pain - even when it's scary.

Nothing like a sunny day on the dock at a cottage!