stumbling through darkness

brought up from the early blogging days - but thought that the renaming of the blog needed some extra explaination....

anyway here it is ...

"spiraling out of control
when will this neverending ride
come to a stop?

i cant see
in front of me
as it quickly disappears
into hindsight
and i have lost all
sense of

i may look calm and cool
but that is no reflection
of the raging emotions
my soul is fighting

(it was a loosing battle from the start)

i wish i felt
the way i come across
so strong
able to handle anything
but the truth is ...
i am weak,
broken and bruised
from the twists and turns
life's wild ride
is conjuring up

i have hit one to many walls
and stumbled in the dark
on so many roots
that i have had to start crawling
lacking the strength to make it any other way

one day i will make it to the end
of this
but for now all i can do
is wait, keep the faith,
push on through this journey
cause right now I do not possess the
courage and ability
to come out of this alive...
my body might not be capable of much
but you are all i am lacking
and you are my only hope
on making through 'till morning



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