"how do you not
see me?
and how
can i feel
so passionatly
when it
as never even
crossed your mind?
and how can i see
something that is
so far beyond



Meldon Mercas said…
If you don't mind my asking, who might this blind fool be?
someone's whos name shall remain nameles until he wakes up or someone else sweeps me off my feet i guess!
Meldon Mercas said…
What if all he really needs is a bit of a kick in the pants. He could be stuck in a similar position to yourself, and afraid to go forward. Speaking as a guy, it is often difficult to figure out what a girl really means by her words.
i know that .. but we've been friend for a few years now and it's not an easy thing to do i guess... we'll see...
Meldon Mercas said…
That tends to make things even more complicated, cause you now have the risk of ruining the friendship or at least making it wierd. Unfortunatly there really is no good plan on this one, you are going to have to take either take a chance or keep on going the way they are. I had a really good friend that I ended up dating. We were friends for about 3 years, and dating for about 18 months, but when we our lives started heading in different directions the relationship ended, so did the friendship. And the saddest part is that I have not spoken or heard from her in nearly 2 years. One of my lifes regrets so far. I am not sure this will be much help to ya, sorry for that.

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