my utterly predictable life

"wasn't it the way
that our laughs filled the night
and how our conversation
felt so fresh,
that made everything seem to
finally feel so right.
and now it is all seeming to
come to such
an abrupt stop -
faster then this started
(even though I knew this was inevitable)
. . .
it stops
with you following a dream
that you deserve so very much
and me none the wiser to the
what might have been.

you've become so close to me
in such a short time
that i feel i've known you
for years...
and still
i guess this will
be as far as i get to
telling you
my true thoughts
and feelings
. . .
for now"



Thoughts said…
why is it that after one short conversation we feel like we know someones inmost being? even though when we were younger it took 2 months to get to know someone. ????

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