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Do you believe you are worthy of your dreams?

I like to call this place the beginning ... the first step on a life long journey - Find a way to believe in yourself - what you are capable of - and that you are worthy of your dreams. I think the biggest thing that a lot of us tend to deal with is the belief in ourselves . The main question I hear when talking to people (spoken or unspoken) is - if they are worthy of their dreams. So many people give up - because they are to afraid to ask themselves that very question, because it is just easier to - or they have had others tell them they are not worthy - either by their actions or outright ridicule. I struggled with this a lot in my life - and some days I still have to fight it - it never completely goes away. Remember, there are always people, situations, or your inner demons that want  you to fail or never try, or give up. I grew up as an oldest of two daughters in an very loving and good home environment (and I tell you this first, because it helps to  understand that the

Understanding our Flaws and Fears

How many times in life to we see flaws in ourselves - and if you are anything like me, you tend to see our own flaws in a magnified view. I over analyze so much about myself on a minute by minute basis. Critiquing so much more than just my body or my hair (as most women do) - but everything I do. I think that seeing our flaws is not a bad thing - but we must constantly be using them to make a positive difference in our lives - not drag us down. When you see something you want to do better or see something that you could work on - use that as inspiration to change that thing about ourselves. The take away we can get is this - instead of looking at your body and not being happy with it - take a step back - and see how you could make yourself healthier. I have come to realize that regular exercise and healthy eating can do wonders for our bodies and our minds. Being healthy is and always should remain our number one focus though. On another note - when you see something you are not do

"Sometimes you can't make it on your own"

At the start of this year I  was in a pretty big funk -- and I barely even admitted to my self until recently - however I am trying to turn over a new leaf and express myself - shortcomings and all to maybe help others or at very least myself.  I am mostly, at least on the exterior, a pretty tough nut and I keep a lot of my problems and emotions pretty tight to my chest - which is something that I am slowly trying to change in this venue anyway. So, along that line - I was just cranky all the time (for lack of a better word) and certainly not enjoying myself at all - with any aspect of my life. I was feeling overwhelmed and always exhausted. It had me loosing my focus as to what I do best in life and the passion that i have for what I do - not just with my store but my entire life. The negativity was crippling everything. I felt that I could not grab control of anything at all which had me extremely discouraged. I then met someone that through the way they lived and how much passion

Success is in your hands


Big Question is . . .

If your belief in yourself was unaffected by past experiences or lost dreams - where could you take yourself? How would you deal with your day to day life differently? What would you want for yourself and your future? I have been asking myself this everyday for the last two years - finding new answers to it - and in those answers I find new deeper beliefs in myself and what I want out of my life!  You can get there - it takes commitment to finding yours  first though, outside of every though that has been implanted into your mind and your being ... There is no limit to what you can accomplish. But you must believe in yourself first and fully buy in!  Belief in yourself and your absolutes is paramount to your success personally and in business!. I urge you to start this journey today... I will be back with more of my experiences on my journey and it will hopefully help you start yours! For more on my past journey  - this blog goes back about a decade .... Showing parts of a scared

The Positive Effect

My thoughts have been recently trying to understand the differences between people - how some people seem to power through and have an incredible amount of drive and then others seem to live life in their comfort zone. Most people, if they have the excuse ready for why it justifies in their heads why they didn't or can't succeed. Of course, this can be seen from the other side as well -  you can't succeed if you always have doubts in your heads and reasons ready for why you can't accomplish something or if you never put the full weight of your own belief in yourself behind it. How could you ever expect to go past where you think you can go without your own belief behind it? I have been on both sides of this mental state and I can honestly say that they human mind (and it's belief in ourselves) is one of the most powerful tools we have. It can take our bodies and our lives past most things that get in its way. Positive thinking and an inner belief in yourself is ou