Understanding our Flaws and Fears

How many times in life to we see flaws in ourselves - and if you are anything like me, you tend to see our own flaws in a magnified view. I over analyze so much about myself on a minute by minute basis. Critiquing so much more than just my body or my hair (as most women do) - but everything I do.
I think that seeing our flaws is not a bad thing - but we must constantly be using them to make a positive difference in our lives - not drag us down.
When you see something you want to do better or see something that you could work on - use that as inspiration to change that thing about ourselves.
The take away we can get is this - instead of looking at your body and not being happy with it - take a step back - and see how you could make yourself healthier. I have come to realize that regular exercise and healthy eating can do wonders for our bodies and our minds. Being healthy is and always should remain our number one focus though.
On another note - when you see something you are not doing well - such as speaking to people, being present in every situation instead of letting your mind wander to far, time management skills - I could go on but you get the drift! These are all areas that we can better ourselves. There is always something we can do better or ways we can be better human beings. Our flaws are only restrictive if we let our fears take over.

I guess what i am saying today is -- being hard on yourself isn't a bad thing - what  you do with those thoughts and emotions are where the benefits are found or the problems lie. You can go forwards with passion and desire and continue to better yourself, or you can hide in fear that cannot and will not ever get over your flaws and insecurities.
Trust me - if anyone ever had insecurities in life - you don't have look any further. My insecurities were so deep rooted in my very being that I didn't see a way out. In my case, I had a lot of people who believed in me help along the way - but ultimately - I learned -  it is only your choice. Taken then from someone who lived in fear and doubt for the better part of her life - it is NOT a fun place to be. You need to take ownership of your fears and realize that they are only standing in your way and blocking your view. Fear steals all that is good from us in this world.
Start with little steps - but as the saying goes - do one things a day that scares you. Start small and grow from there - test your limits every day and you will be shocked to see all the benefits that come from pushing yourself.

You always have a choice ... the choice here is what side of this are you in and what areas of your life do you need to set higher standards to, or more belief in yourself.

You are in control and you are only capable of being or doing what you believe you are capable of. You will only be as successful as you believe you can be -
What are you going to believe you are capable of and when will you start your journey and stop letting your fears get in the way?


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