Do you believe you are worthy of your dreams?

I like to call this place the beginning ...
the first step on a life long journey - Find a way to believe in yourself - what you are capable of - and that you are worthy of your dreams.

I think the biggest thing that a lot of us tend to deal with is the belief in ourselves . The main question I hear when talking to people (spoken or unspoken) is - if they are worthy of their dreams.
So many people give up - because they are to afraid to ask themselves that very question, because it is just easier to - or they have had others tell them they are not worthy - either by their actions or outright ridicule.

I struggled with this a lot in my life - and some days I still have to fight it - it never completely goes away. Remember, there are always people, situations, or your inner demons that want  you to fail or never try, or give up.

I grew up as an oldest of two daughters in an very loving and good home environment (and I tell you this first, because it helps to  understand that these doubts can come out of all types of environments). I never felt that I was good enough, that I measured up to what was expected of me, or that I would ever be anything but a failure. The ridicule that I felt came from my peers mainly and my inability to feel like I measured up to what was expected of me (being the eldest didn't help that). The main, but not only problem starting with these thoughts are that when you do fail - you begin to expect it from yourself and then find yourself asking constantly why you even tried to begin with. I have mentioned it before in this blog - but it took me moving across the country  (of Canada) at 23 to finally start finding myself. I took the leap of faith and dragging myself kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone of failure to find out what I was made of.
Everyone needs to find that moment in their life that launches them out of the usual - the regular, the average, or the constant mindset that you live in. This is obviously different for everyone as we all have different ideas or needs

It takes a lot of inner strength to believe in yourself and what you are worthy of.  If the smartest and most talented of people can struggle with this - than how does the rest of the population even have a chance at finding this inner belief. Yet, without it - we can only go so far. With inner belief comes the the willingness to push on through all sorts of trials and hardships that come with fighting for a dream but also comes great responsibility.

One thing - above all else - you must realize - is that nothing is given to you - and success is not something that happens by accident. It takes every once of your talent, your willingness to learn, your ability to get up after you fail,  your inner drive to ride the ups and downs along the way and a whole lot of patience.  But if you first do not believe - will you have no idea where you are going (no plan) - and from there you will just end up helping someone else build there dream instead.

Whatever you do - don't give up ... keep trying - keep going!




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