"Sometimes you can't make it on your own"

At the start of this year I  was in a pretty big funk -- and I barely even admitted to my self until recently - however I am trying to turn over a new leaf and express myself - shortcomings and all to maybe help others or at very least myself.  I am mostly, at least on the exterior, a pretty tough nut and I keep a lot of my problems and emotions pretty tight to my chest - which is something that I am slowly trying to change in this venue anyway. So, along that line - I was just cranky all the time (for lack of a better word) and certainly not enjoying myself at all - with any aspect of my life. I was feeling overwhelmed and always exhausted. It had me loosing my focus as to what I do best in life and the passion that i have for what I do - not just with my store but my entire life. The negativity was crippling everything. I felt that I could not grab control of anything at all which had me extremely discouraged.
I then met someone that through the way they lived and how much passion they carried in their business and craft - I couldn't help but being effected by it in a very overwhelming way. 
This person had an extreme amount of love of what she does, and an incredible talent that only comes with hard work and a lot of passion. The light that shone from her what undeniable and infectious which made it impossible to ignore - and was apparently what I needed to get past my own issues in that moment I guess. it jolted me out of where I was 
Since then I have had a renewed drive behind everything I do - and a belief that is unstoppable.  I had forgotten what I do best in life and how I love more than anything to help people in my line of work as well as in general. 

Where I am going with this is the following: We all go through times where we are down and out or just can't seem to find the will or motivation to keep pushing forward. No matter what type of person we are. 
We need to find that place in our lives where we are open and able to receive slaps to the back of the head or nudges in the right direction that can be easily missed even when we don't know we need it. But, we also need to remember that who we are and and our actions all have direct correlations on others and our interactions with other people can either build them up or help tear them down further. 
We can and should always try to have a positive impact on others and our interactions can be just the catalyst that may be needed to help bring light into someones world. 

I encourage you to be that catalyst in your everyday life when you can - and if you are on the other side of that coin and need a pick me up, boost, or jolt - hopefully one of us will help in that regard. 

It is very true what U2 said - "sometimes you can't make it on your own" and that is ok .. but remember no matter what side of the struggle you are on today - there is always someone out there that will come around to help you up. Sometimes, as happened with me - even when you are not looking for it or are not ready to admit that you need it yet. And when someone does help you along your way - if you have the opportunity - make sure you let them know. It may be something they need to hear as well or at very least who doesn't like hearing that their life inspired someone else!



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