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The Love Thing

I've been recently been thinking about the whole "love thing". Being a girl and almost 22 and having a bunch of my childhood friends married (or at least engaged). I have to sit back and ask myself what this is all about. How did I get here? Where is here? and why is it so far away from where I thought I would be? Of course with age comes a bit of wisdom (granted it comes very slowly) and I have realized that teenage dating is not exactly the wisest of idea's on any levels - not that is doesn't work out sometimes, but it dont' exactly have a high success rate. And is rarely taken seriously. Now, all of a sudden, for me, dating takes on new meaning. All whole bunch of new meaning and ideas that used to be in the back of our head as something that would happen later. But, now later is here and i'm as single as they come - but i guess you could say it is for a good reason. Being someone who is completely intrigued with the idea of true love. Of a love that pa