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#changetheworldwithme (The Movement)

I hope at some point I can look back and say what started as a burning desire in my heart to change the world - set out to actually make huge difference, in our community and then world wide and succeeded. I have been taking this idea with me wherever I go lately - Facebook, Instagram, my way of life and then this past weekend my amazing husband (not sure what I would do without this man) said to me the other day - So, why don't we do something bigger with this and see where this can go and how it can change the world? I will make up some T-Shirts, we can give the profits to charity and go from there. So there is still a lot of logistics that need to come together ... but the basic premise is this: I (we) want to take the simple hashtag #changetheworldwithme - put it on  T-Shirts, Tank Tops, hoodies, etc and eventually different types of merchandise  - sell them and then take the ALL the profits and give to different charities and causes. Obviously it takes a lot of thought and

bReath . . . INg

"I'm dying to breath in these abundant skies" - Switchfoot (Learning to Breath) Breathing... one of the fundamentals of life. Often taken for granted in our day to day lives. But, it can also be where so many troubles lie deep down - from our emotional state, physical state, physiological state, and sometimes our spiritual state. It can allow for an immense amount of freedom - or the opposite. Breathing rate is one of the first physiological reactions we have when we are anxious or overcome with stress in our day and yet it can also plays a large part in calming ourselves down from those moments as well. There are numerous studies been down and many different practices to help us find our "center" and we are told all the time to "breath through it" or "take a breath"... I have been reading Brene Brown's books the past couple months (they have been amazing to read through the journey I have been on lately). Last night as I was readin