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taking the long way around

"Well I fought with a stranger and I met myself. I opened my mouth and I heard myself. It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself. Guess I could have made it easier on myself. But I, I could never follow" Dixie Chicks - The Long Way Around I have never been one to take the most direct route in life and sometimes you could wonder how things could have looked if you did - or what could have been accomplished sooner - but then I guess you could say that if the route that was taken was not taken then  than would we be where we are. I think sometimes the best things in life are found on the taking a circuitous and unknown route in life and in that trying to find the way around to where I think I am going, and sometimes it ends up being nothing like I thought it would be. Yet, I have had the unique pleasure of meeting some amazing people along the way. I will say it isn't easy knowing where you want to be and yet taking a long windy approach to the

#Change the World with Me

Ok, so the days have seemed to get away from me the last little while,  which I have been trying to not let that happen, as I believe time passes to quickly and we tend to forget that each moment we are given is in fact a gift. However, this got me thinking. We are given 1440 minutes each day and if we get the whole day that equates to 86400 seconds. I have been sitting here writing for 2 minutes now - which is 120 of those seconds. That may not seem like a lot of time, but really it is. I know time is relative to what you are doing though, for instance two minutes working on something important or being around someone your love, time can can fly by, where two minutes running can seem like a lifetime (am I right?!).... Anyway, breaking things down in my head a bit more - a realized that  I spend about 10 hours working each weekday and 2 hours at the gym 4-5 days a week - which when I am only awake for 17-18 hours a day, is a good chunk of my time in a week. That is  approx. 12 hours t