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Why Do I Try

Why Do I Try
{ Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom }

"Love broke my heart,
love washed me up.
Love made me sick,
love swallowed me.
Love made me weak,
everything’s bleak.

Why do I try
Why do I try

Love took my life,
love stole my pride.
Love killed my dreams,
love made me mean.
Love let me drown,
love led me on.
Love’s not my friend,
love is the end.

Why do I try
Why do I try

Love blinded me,
love took my glee.
Love laughed at sex,
made me collapse.
Love ended hope,
love stopped the show.
Love broke it all,
love broke my heart.

Why do I try
Why do I try
Why do I try

This song is basically not what i really think inside but i guess it's how my heart feels sometimes when everytime i fall for someone they seem to not feel the same way and it's not like it's happened often but it happened a couple times - so don't get me wrong.. i love the idea of love and everything about it .. and i can't wait to be there.. it's just funny how love and our society work together to …

taking a chance

"touch my world
with your fingertips
and watch what will happen,
what dreams will come
to follow -
we could have forever
in any dream you
but staying here
we will never know
where life could
take us!?"


The greatest love - the undeserving soul

"I am unable to express to you
the gratitude you
so richly deserve.
I love you more than
life itself and
yet sometimes i
still forget
who you are
and what you did
for me -
the gift that
gave me eternity-
the complete anguish
and utter pain
that you suffered
so that i could live forever.
and still
as much as i love you
i have never shown you
how greatful i am
for the life
you laid down
and torment that
you endured.
despite all my failings
i could never let you go
i can't shake
the overwhelming sense
of your presence in my life
(even when i try too)
besides, if anyone has the
right to walk away
from this it's you.
because your
grace and forgivness
are something that
i will
never ever


in case you care to read.

1. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
- not that I remember

2. Where was your first kiss?
- first kid kiss was at our end of year party in grade 3
- first highschool kiss at Saunders before computer class started

3. Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else's property?
um…can’t say that I have (as far as I know or can remember)

4. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex?
I have – never mad though (just for fun)

5. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people?

6. What's the first thing you notice about the preferred sex?-
their hands and their eyes and their personality (if they can make me laugh etc)

7. What really turns you on?
If someone notices my moods (how im feeling), A good sense of humour, nice hands(my definition of nice hands though – I can be particular about that), when someone really likes me for who I am and not how I look

8. What do you order at Starbucks?
Coffee (in morning there mostly), a caramel machiatto (I can’ spell it J), green te…

always misundestood

"i'm lying here
unable to express the
feelings of
and writing about you
and everything you
mean to me
has become as
impossible task
as catching a star in
my hand.
frivilous words could
not even begin
to tell the story of you
. . .
the story your eyes
seem to tell so
days and nights
become endless
. . .
now what would you say
if i could
prove i wasn't

dream or reality

from all the little moments
to all the smiles,
you had my complete attention.
as i am watching you
i am filled with great anticipation
waiting for your next move -
knowing it will captivate me
more than the last.
as we talk,
my heart beats faster
and my stomach is full of butterflies.
i feel as if i don't deserve to be here
in your presence.
as we are sitting at this table
i wonder what other people are thinking.
do they see the beauty that you hold?
do you captivate their souls as you have mine?
the feeling of invincibility comes
over me as we are
breathing in this fresh air of conversation.
i have to admit i am barely listening to your words,
but looking into your eyes.
they seems to hold a whole new world
for anyone who takes the time to look.
they reveal the hidden secrets of your soul,
and i am slowing finding your hopes and dreams
and praying that one day i will see myself
there as well.
tell me...
what do my eyes say?
lok at me and tell me what you see
can you not tell that every
peice of…

getting the ball rolling

i have recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine about many things, and one of the main things i got from the conversation is that the church (at least mine) is full of members that are 50 + and therefore there is no input going into the church from the younger crowds who are a vital part of the church body! Now i have always questioned the idea of membership - going through the should i or not question and asking myself why it would be a good idea and am i willing to sit through the classes and go through the process - and up till now it has only been a nice thought that has come and gone every so often and only that ... after this refreshing conversation i have come to realize that change in the church is not going to happen unless we as the younger body of the church (20's and 30's etc) become members and actually go to the church meetings - complaining about how we want change is all well and good - but it takes action for anything to happen ... and our voices…