dream or reality

from all the little moments
to all the smiles,
you had my complete attention.
as i am watching you
i am filled with great anticipation
waiting for your next move -
knowing it will captivate me
more than the last.
as we talk,
my heart beats faster
and my stomach is full of butterflies.
i feel as if i don't deserve to be here
in your presence.
as we are sitting at this table
i wonder what other people are thinking.
do they see the beauty that you hold?
do you captivate their souls as you have mine?
the feeling of invincibility comes
over me as we are
breathing in this fresh air of conversation.
i have to admit i am barely listening to your words,
but looking into your eyes.
they seems to hold a whole new world
for anyone who takes the time to look.
they reveal the hidden secrets of your soul,
and i am slowing finding your hopes and dreams
and praying that one day i will see myself
there as well.
tell me...
what do my eyes say?
lok at me and tell me what you see
can you not tell that every
peice of you
is sewn tightly to my heart
with more love binding you there
then my mind has every tried
to concieve.
as the world starts to fade away,
we are all that is left.
where then do i end and you begin
tel me;
what is your heart capable of?"



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