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passing through

"I'm but a tourist passing through here - knowing there is so much more than what 'here' can give... through the perils and struggles amisdt small glimpses of peace, I must convince myself again there is so much more to come. all the lights and colors seem dizzying and can so easily suck you into it's grasp. and as I'm sitting here I can't help but think - 'I can't wait to go home' " ac

mirrored reflections

"tell me again that I am more than what I see . . . this face in the mirror - all I hate about myself - seems to reflect itself back at me like a slap in the face and all that I want to believe about myself evapourates to quickly to notice - leaving me with this reflection that's so far from all I wish I saw so I'm here in this all to firmilar place begging for grace again" ac

silent wishes

"I wish you could feel my heart, feel it b e a t i n g and know the pain it's feeling. can't you hear it screaming out for something . . . anything. know me - hear my silent cries - it's so lonely here. am I that misunder- stood? or am I just not seen ac