The Positive Effect

My thoughts have been recently trying to understand the differences between people - how some people seem to power through and have an incredible amount of drive and then others seem to live life in their comfort zone. Most people, if they have the excuse ready for why it justifies in their heads why they didn't or can't succeed. Of course, this can be seen from the other side as well -  you can't succeed if you always have doubts in your heads and reasons ready for why you can't accomplish something or if you never put the full weight of your own belief in yourself behind it. How could you ever expect to go past where you think you can go without your own belief behind it?

I have been on both sides of this mental state and I can honestly say that they human mind (and it's belief in ourselves) is one of the most powerful tools we have. It can take our bodies and our lives past most things that get in its way. Positive thinking and an inner belief in yourself is our secret weapon. If unleashed there is ultimately no where we can't take ourselves.
Now they may be some people who think this is Bull*%^$ and there is no way that we could possibly do or accomplish anything we want or dream of . . . But - I disagree mostly with that argument - mainly because ... well how many of you have actually tried it or believe in something you wanted and yourself and then didn't put any limitations on it to see where you could take it?? Knowing also that failure is apart of success so giving up because of one or two or ten stumbles and still believing in yourself is all part of the process.
Main things stopping us from our true potential that is never fully unleashed in us are as follows ...

First and foremost - is our mind --  life doesn't just give you everything you want, in fact it fights against your wants and desires every day - the fight to get to your goals is not easy and failure will happen  (you have to prove you are worthy of your ultimate goals) - Instead of choosing to get up off the mat - look at the failure square in the eye - we start believing we can't get where (or what) we want -- or that it isn't worth it (or both and many more things) and all of a sudden the negativity creeps in. Once that takes root in our brains - and this happens at different ages for everyone - and it goes un-checked, it is like a cancer that takes root and grows slowly from the deep recesses of our brain and will eventually take over without even knowing when or how it happened. We become slaves to that negativity - those thoughts we have that keep us trapped in a life we don't want or are unhappy with and in ourselves a person we can barely stand to look in the mirror.
The second is our past and how we (consciously or not) allow it to impact our future. Lets face it - no one has had the same path in life. We all have our different families, parents (or lack thereof), different levels of hardship, money problems, health problems, different personalities that effect how we deal with all of things that come at us. I am not one to say that I know what it feels like to be someone else and what they had to go through (I have had enough problems walking in my own shoes to this point). But that being said - I AM of the mind that everything happens for a reason - and everything we have gone through can do one of two things... they can help make us stronger, we can learn from our experiences and open our minds and our hearts to possibilities beyond them ... or we can let them rule our lives - giving us built in excuses and easy ways to cope out of becoming not only our best selves but from there the lives that we want to live.
I am by no means saying that this is an easy thing to do ... but I am saying it is possible. And believing in the possibilities and in yourself to attain those possibilities is way more than half the battle... it is from my experience - 90% of the battle - and this is because with something that may seem so simple - it is one of the hardest things for us to achieve and believe in -- to every day buying into that and not into that damn negativity that will always be there - waiting for you to let it creep back in and take over again...or figure it is just easier to quit - Remember -- this is a CONSTANT battle - you don't win it and win it for good -- which is one of the many reasons that it is not only so much of the battle - but why it can seem so unattainable and impossible. It is a lifelong journey of learning, trying new things, and believing in yourself and who you are - without limitations. Keep dreaming, keep pushing forward, and take it one step at a time. . .


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