not so practical??

"where do we go from here?
whats the next step -
i'm asking because
i want to know what you're thinking!
i'm not sure that i can say goodbye
to this unsearched hole
we have seemed to
dig beneath us.
to leave behind
the undiscovered possibilities
(which could be endless)
i'm afraid to even open
my mouth
because of what might fall
out of it.
i know that it's not logical
to open up a gate that
has no place showing it's
but i wish we could
have seen where this would
bring us.
and the sensible thing
would be to see
how life goes and where it brings us
. . .
but what if it brought us here...
here is where we are
right now
and right now ...
i want to spill out my
thoughts out for you
to hear ...
cause if you don't
then i just might
regret the fact that
you left
as my heart screamed
with all it's might
and my just head
kept telling it
to shut up
. . .
and you leave
without a clue"



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