always a dream

"in my head i always see
my life going so differently
then in pans out.
and the more i see you
the more i wish i
was living my dreams
rather than this
hidden unkept path
i am headed down
(the one that renders me unnoticed)
i'm not sure what
more i can
do to make you
see me,
cause right now
(in this reality)
not only to you not see me
but your glances pass through
me like the light
passes through a window
(which is only good for letting light
thru to the other side)
while trying to find the
that you can't live without.
i guess all i can ask for is a
thought my way
and a hope that maybe
one day you will
see me (not thru me)
and smile -
and somehow in that moment
everything will make sense
and i'll hold my breath
hoping that the bubble won't burst
. . .
or maybe i'm just a
big dreamer"



Thoughts said…
wow dude,
dont we all wish that people would notice us. the improtant thing is patience, you never know what God has in store for you, the person God has is going to be way better then you ever imagine. and you deserve the best!
ps i love your hair down!

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