holding on

"i am sitting here you
missing you more than my
fragile heart can take.
i want to be bold, to tell you everything
i feel
(feelings that words could never fully explain).
i long to talk to you, to hear your voice,
but beyond all that, to let my eyes see you again
and my hands to touch you
so i know if it is real
or just a dream.

what must i do to convice you i am good enough
(what must i do to convince myself?)
good enough to be your girl, your love.
i wish i wasn't so afraid of the outcome

if only you could feel my love, hear how much
love is in my heart,
how it beats with so much love for you.
but for now i wait.
wait for a chance, for a bit of hope to shine though,
giving me something small to hold on to...
in hopes that one day it will be your heart."

ac - 2002


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