the one

"I don't think that
i've ever told you
that the way your eyes dance
brings a smile to my face.
i guess it's just one of those things
that i have put on my
"to do" list.
those good ideas i get
that never actually
show their face.
funny how a person
can have so much to
say to another
and only
end up smiling,
yet screaming
with all they have in them.
hoping that maybe their
eyes or expressions may give
a little bit of what is going on
inside of their heads
(and hearts)
away to the person
that has captured their attention.
I have been here once
but never with you...
never with a person
that not only bring joy to my life,
but who makes me want to be
a better person and who
makes all the cares and concerns of
my life seem very insignificant.
and now that i am at this place
where words seem to fail me,
i can honestly say that i have
no where else to look.
so for now, i will wait
for the day that you notice
me for all that i am
and the day that i slowly
start becoming the one
that you can't
live without."



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