exam and essay time

sorry for the lack of posts lately..
it has not been my intention to leave
my blog for this long
i promise to
get back to my
usual blogging as soon as possible!


Meldon Mercas said…
Best of luck with thouse, I finished mine today. Be seein' ya.
thanks - hope all you're went well..
Meldon Mercas said…
I won't get to find that one out till Christmas at the earliest. Speaking of xmas, anyone asked you to the enRoute Banquet?
no - actually i'm not even going to be here so either way it wouldn't have mattered... but no either way ... which is okey!
anyway - i'm off to edmonton on the 15th and won't be back until the 29th... it'll be the second year in a row i've missed it ... oh well edmonton will be cool too!
Meldon Mercas said…
I guess there would not be much point to asking you to it then would there. Maybe for coffee or a movie someothere time then.

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