This was somethign that Jann Arden wrote - she keeps a jounal on her website ( and this is what she had to say today ... and when i read it it really made me think... and if you know me at all you know that i love the idea of love - so here is another view that i find very refreshing - so read it if you want ... or not...

"All of This
05-Nov-2005 04:28 pm

Love is the most mysterious of all things. What it is exactly, defies words and explanations. It’s just something that exists. It perpetuates all life. It is the force that binds the stars to the sky, the force that holds the sea just barely at the shore. It is love that keeps the balance of all things. War is the result of “loveless-ness.” It is the absence of love that causes all pain. When it touches you, love that is, you cannot help but submit. You risk all things for the sake of having love in your life; for having that ONE love - the one that is meant for you and only you. The one you remember when you breathe your last breath.Without love, there exists only an empty void. I find the filling of time – loveless time – almost too much to bear. It is a relief to find what you didn't even know you were looking for. It is relief to find it, to know it, to touch it, to hold it between your fingers and toes and arms and legs and thighs and lips. It is a relief. There you are...There you are.I thought I knew what love was – I have been writing about it all my life – and then you realize that you have to pour over every word you've ever written, and question it. Did I ever know? Will I ever really truly understand the power and what indeed I am to do with it? I am reluctant to embrace what I have always been afraid of. I think most people are. You cannot live thinking you'll be hurt. You have to throw yourself into the coals and just be lit up. Flames and fire be damned!When you have loved someone, you always love them. You give them a part of yourself that you never get back. You leave your kiss on their lips. You leave your fingerprints all over their heart. The pieces that I've given away, I don't want back. I was glad to give them away. They were probably never mine to begin with. Oh love! Swirling around my waist and pulling me onto the bed. Oh love! Tugging at my sleeve and keeping me from loneliness. You can be lonely and not be alone, I have learned that. That's the hardest part of being with anyone; the loneliness that sits on your dinner plate as you sit across the table from someone you're supposed to love. It's hard to come to terms with. Then one day you recognize that feeling, and it scares you to death. You say to yourself, “Oh my God, now what? What does this mean? I am lonely with you...”The degrees of love will defy the greatest minds in the world. Even Einstein would have preferred a mathematical solution to love, but there was none. He wanted to see it on paper, but couldn't. Love was bigger than any equation he could have thought up. It defies logic. It is more powerful than anything in the universe. When you have it in your heart, you can do anything. Accomplish anything. You can dream things you never dared to dream. It is God. It's what He is: the force, the power, the very magic that creates life day after day. It is amazing how love gets bigger and bigger and bigger. It takes over your thoughts, your body, your will... You succumb, you have to, or you can't get a single thing done in the day. The language, the conversation you start having with your soul is nothing short of healing and forgiving. All the words...All your words...All of my words. The language I want. I know what mercy is.I know.I want everything. I don't want half, I don't want part....I want all. All of this.And I shall give all of me to you."


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