my gift

"Precious Lord,
i love you more then my words could
ever say
and my actions
will ever show
as my life goes up
and down
more times in
a day then a rollercoater
your prescence
has brought me peace
that is
undeserved in many way
and on many levels.
although you know
my stuggles
and love me despite them
your peace and your
faithfulness teaches
me more and more each day.
i am more then eternally greatful
for your love
cause when there is nothing else
i have you.
and you is more then
enough -
the nearness of you
in my life
brings me joy throughout
all I am and all i do,
and even though i may
put my life in the hands of
other things -
with you is where
i want to be for the rest of my life
and i am more than willing to keep trying
to be the person you see in me.
until the day
i see you in heaven
my heart is in my hand
and i am
giving it to you
a small a token as it is
it's all here
it's all yours"



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