The powers that be want us to be passive observers

"Sure, the media tries to put a sad face on things, painting them up as great human tragedies. But, we all know the function of the media has never been to eliminate the evils of the world, no. Their job is to persuade us to accept those evils and get used to living with them. The powers-that-be want us to be passive observers. And, they haven't given us any other options outside the occasional, purley symbolic, participatory act of voting. You want the puppet on the right? or the puppet on the left? I feel that the time has come to project my own inadequacies and dissatisfactions into the socio-political and scientific schemes. Let my own lack of a voice be heard..."
- self destructive man (waking life)

The media plays major roles in our lives, and it is virtually inescapable in our North American society (and many other places in the world) - It is the main method for distributing news and informations to the public. But, in our corporate society, the media is heavily influenced by and could even be said, controlled by these corporations and also the government. This is because of the fact that most of the media is privately owned or at least sponsored (and therefore influenced) by them. It goes without saying that everything that the media puts out at us is controlled by the corporations and the government (the powers that be). * most of us go through our lives truly believing that we are free and never questioning anything , sadly however, this is not the case.??
just a thought - what do you think?


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