the thought of you

"It's been so long since
i've heard from you.
sometimes i wonder
what you're up too
or how you're doing.
if you're happy or sad
or just plain appathetic
(which was never like you)
i guess i've just been
missing you a little more
than usual.
It's not that i'm not
over the love that never
existed, just
for some reason
the thought of you
seems to always bring a smile
to my face.
I was remembering
the days back then
when you captivated
me more then you ever realized
(and it was more than i could handle)
The thought of that smile of yours
did wonders for me
and your presence was
always aniticipated
beyond words
and the way you lived you life
i admired so much in you.
I wouldn't wish away
any of the moments we spent together
cause they are filled with wonderful
with as few words
as possible
i loved you
more then i fear i
will ever love again
and that scares me to death
cause i am left with the
memory of how you
made me feel
and to wonder
what it will
take to exceed the
amount of love that
was brought on
by the one
person who
hasn't thought of me
since the day he left."


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