guiding me blindly to etenity

"my mind is so lost
living on a moment to moment
waiting for something else
to fall to peices in front of me
that it is nearly
impossible to make
sense of the millions of thoughts
scattered to every corner.
in a mess so catastrophic
that the puzzles of my life
never get solved
(and i will just remain peices to
an unfinshed masterpeice?).
you have put me in the
middle of something
with no end in sight.
so many things look the same
that it feels like
i'm walking around
in circles.
please bring me through
this so i don't end up
running in the wrong direction
of every place you are .
cause when it's all said and done,
your the only thing that keeps me
as you guide me blindly
towards eternity"

ac - 2005


Thoughts said…
this is the prayer of so many-not ending up on the wrong road...i love you stuff keep it up!

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