i am a simple minded human
and yet despite my idiosyncracies
and imperfections
you still love me - more than i could
ever reason through or deserve.
you are the reason i smile, the reason i dream,
the reason i live.
without you
no purpose exists and meaning disappears
and no matter how many times
i try to do this on my own
and fail -
and i have to learn the lesson again.
you always come running when
you hear me call your name.

as i'm wandering down this dark and gloomy
road - i have lost sight of you
please grab hold of my hand
before i get lost yet again
i know you're right here with me,
but it gets so easy to forget.
quietly remind me that there is more
than this. this pain... this hopelessness -
cause it continually overwhelms me...
i do know Lord that no matter how
many times i get lost or stray from your path
my heart will never leave your hand and your eyes are always
watching me.
i know you will always help me find my way
back to into your arms"

ac - 2005


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