all for good

it's funny - all the places life brings us and the people we meet as we live our lives.
different people have profoundly different reasons for being in your life-
but all of them have help you become the person you are right now...
i just thought i would write out a random blog to let everyone who is now or was in my life
know that i wouldn't have changed a moment, because i wouldn't be here now - as the person i am
if God had not brought you into my life (and that means all the good and bad times that came along
with everything)

God has done more things for me and my life - and i know i have many disagreements with him (which i loose) but he always proves himself (which is not something he has to do) and even though i may not understand a lot of things - i do have faith that He has my best intersts at the heart of everything - and he has this incredible plan for who he wants me to be - which is sometimes hard to grasp - it boggles my mind as to why he cares so much for me, but i am completely thankful just the same ...

so, even though my darks times Lord, i want you to know that i will remember to praise you - i know i will problably complain the next time you ask me to step up to my next life lesson or challenge, but i hold onto you and my faith in you that you will always take care of me and will always give me the strength to rise above...
i have little left to say execept...
thank you Lord


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