what i am to feel right now?
i'm alone, empty, seemingly cursed by the world
i've got so much to give
so why to i feel so utterly useless..
i've grown up and looked back
on my still short life...
wonder how my niavity got me here.
everything is closing in on me now
and the light is evaporating
so easily into the incompassing darkness

where am i in this mess,
more importantly...
where are you?
how do we live as we should
and love one another
with all the hate and evil among us?
how do we convince ourselves that we need
to act together, to love together...
please take me our of my selfishness
long enough to hear your voice.
i'm crying out on the inside,
but i'm not allowing myself to
say it out loud -
afraid where the outcome
will put me
and what i will have to face.

seep your strength and love into my soul...
give me that push off this building -
cause i can't jump on my own.
i'm scared to death of landing on my face.
give me the faith that
you are here to help me fly
or catch me when i fall"

ac - 2005


Sassy said…
So sad..very good, I love it.

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