these feelings of confusion
surround me here
could you lend me our eyes for
a moment?
this place i'm in
crazy and complex.
everytime i think
i have it figured out
you prove me wrong.
so i found living in confusion
is better than having
reality smashed into peices.
the more you show me
the more i realize how small
a part of this world
i am
and yet how big an impact
can start from a tiny spark
so, i'll just walk along
this broken trail
that seems to look vastly
different each day
and let you lead me
through this
trusting that no matter what changes
you will remain the same.
in my brokenness
you are here beside me
whether or not
i can feel your breath

do you mind if i close my eyes?
i'd feel safer just holding your hand

ac - 2005


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