i was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we got to talking about a few things. Like how do we as christians impact this world. i find that it is important to wait for God to give us the right opportunities and not jump in too quickly. but first and foremost we have to realize that as a whole - we are powerful - we have GOd behind us every step of the way. we need to grasp onto him and onto each other, forgetting all of the crap and petty nonesense that we get so caught up and stop fighting with each other... the more we focus on the each others sins and each others problems, the more we stop focusing on loving each other and we really forget about loving all people. if we can't even get ourselves to work with each other and get the focus out of our own little "me" world... then we are never going let God do his will. He gave us a task and that is to go out and make disciples - but we seem to take it on individuals. yet we need to realize how powerful we can be together working towards a common goal - then give GOd the room to work thru us and he will.
we all have gifts and we need to become one body and use them all for God's sake (not our own).
If we stop pointing fingers at each other and really seek after God (separatly and alone) - all the rest will come, cause the more we seek after our rabbi - we will start immitating him more and the rest of the world will know that we belong to Christ by the way we live our lives.

anyway, God has more in store for us and for all of the people that he loves so much, and all we have to do is come to realize this and then just love each other and give God his room to work though us...


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