The greatest love - the undeserving soul

"I am unable to express to you
the gratitude you
so richly deserve.
I love you more than
life itself and
yet sometimes i
still forget
who you are
and what you did
for me -
the gift that
gave me eternity-
the complete anguish
and utter pain
that you suffered
so that i could live forever.
and still
as much as i love you
i have never shown you
how greatful i am
for the life
you laid down
and torment that
you endured.
despite all my failings
i could never let you go
i can't shake
the overwhelming sense
of your presence in my life
(even when i try too)
besides, if anyone has the
right to walk away
from this it's you.
because your
grace and forgivness
are something that
i will
never ever



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