Why Do I Try

Why Do I Try
{ Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom }

"Love broke my heart,
love washed me up.
Love made me sick,
love swallowed me.
Love made me weak,
everything’s bleak.

Why do I try
Why do I try

Love took my life,
love stole my pride.
Love killed my dreams,
love made me mean.
Love let me drown,
love led me on.
Love’s not my friend,
love is the end.

Why do I try
Why do I try

Love blinded me,
love took my glee.
Love laughed at sex,
made me collapse.
Love ended hope,
love stopped the show.
Love broke it all,
love broke my heart.

Why do I try
Why do I try
Why do I try

This song is basically not what i really think inside but i guess it's how my heart feels sometimes when everytime i fall for someone they seem to not feel the same way and it's not like it's happened often but it happened a couple times - so don't get me wrong.. i love the idea of love and everything about it .. and i can't wait to be there.. it's just funny how love and our society work together to make us see love as something that it's not... and how it fails us so often - but love isn't really somethign that fails us .. i think we fail love in a lot of ways ...
anyway .. .just thought i'd put it out there as a song that i like and that made me think about how love can break people down and it is not what it should be not just in relationships but in general ... why has our society and the poeple in it lost their faith inlove and why doesn it make them feel so incredibly bad sometimes - i think mainly it is rooted in the fact that society teaches us a false idea of what true love is and we listen to it and then get hurt time and time again - i still have faith that someone someday will love me for everything i am and am not and will love my perfections and imperfections and i will feel the same way towards him ... until that day though the idea behind this song, as it does many people, makes me unconsciously put wall up because i can face another "rejection" or "disapointment" - i do believe in love despite everything i guess i have just ended up more reserved about it for fear of getting hurt... and when all love has previously done is hurt you then it's hard to trust it again .. for us as humans, love disapoints us and the only love that won't is God's love because it is perfect and unconditional.. but we can try to come as close as we can to the idea of love and the idea of marriage that God had for two individuals... here's hoping for the best... :)


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