getting the ball rolling

i have recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine about many things, and one of the main things i got from the conversation is that the church (at least mine) is full of members that are 50 + and therefore there is no input going into the church from the younger crowds who are a vital part of the church body! Now i have always questioned the idea of membership - going through the should i or not question and asking myself why it would be a good idea and am i willing to sit through the classes and go through the process - and up till now it has only been a nice thought that has come and gone every so often and only that ... after this refreshing conversation i have come to realize that change in the church is not going to happen unless we as the younger body of the church (20's and 30's etc) become members and actually go to the church meetings - complaining about how we want change is all well and good - but it takes action for anything to happen ... and our voices will not be heard unless we get to a place where we can be heard and listened to .. and our thoughts about change are only nice thoughts until we accept the responsibility of membership and take the necessary steps to do so. You must be 18 to be a member and yet very few people under the age of 50 are members and when you have a church as big as North Park Community Church there are a lot of voices and ideas not being heard but by choice - because there is no one from the younger audience becoming a member and actively going to the meetings... but this just isn't about one church .. it's about all churches and the activity we all need to take in the church and the decisions... we need to be actively involved in what is going on and stating our opinions.
one cannot change anything by sitting back and not doing something about it .. not actively finding ways to make a difference and have our voices be heard ...
so here's what i propose... that we all go into this together.. go to the classes, go to the meetings and start making a difference...all you 20 somethings and 30 somethings etc at North Park who have ever thought about becoming a member but never done it and even those who haven't thought about it... lets do this.. lets try and make a difference in this church together with Christ and allow our voices to be heard... lets no longer be voiceless by choice... because we do have a choice, lets let those voices be heard for the voices that can't be heard - lets speak up for the ones that don't have the choice or the ability to speak up for themselves - lets speak up for the ones who don't have a valid voice in society - for the ones that are silenced... and lets make a motion for change and radicalism in and around ourselves and influence the lives in our church and in a bigger picture - in our city etc -

lets not choose to be voiceless when so many people what to have a voice and can't.


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