looking at the little things

I have found that sometimes the smallest things can grow into life changing revelations.  I have seen little seeds that have been planted in my heart or mind the last year start growing - slow at first and then all of sudden it's like they are these living, breathing, alive ideas or parts of me that may seem  to come out of no where.
People start coming into your life, you see, hear, or experience something that you put into the back of your mind (there are a million and one ways these little things can find their way into your life) and if you have an environment for them to thrive in and you are open to finding the positive or wanting to grow as a person, a leader, or be better in your chosen craft, wanting to see good in the world, or wanting to change the world, these small things start growing.
Sometimes they hurt as they grow and other times they cause an immense amount of joy - but we can't just take the seeds that allow us to feel good inside, because some growth can be painful - it can be excruciating actually. But, pain isn't a bad thing and the ugly that it brings up (and therefore the struggle that ensues) can become more beautiful that you could have imagined.
Where I am going with this is, life isn't easy and sometimes our best companions are sorrow and suffering. Immense amounts of beauty can come with visiting the hard places in your mind or your heart. Brokenness and ashes can be reborn. Everything has a purpose - but we cannot shut out the bad emotions and keep the good. When we stop the bad, we inadvertently shut out all the good - and that is when we become numb and stagnate in our lives. Unwilling to see what is outside of what we know, unwilling to push ourselves, and unwilling to see how far we can go and where we can take our selves, our emotions, our hopes, and our dreams...that take us to our limits and then keep on going.
There are so many interactions and different moments in life that can be taken in, and if allowed to, grow and slowly change us. But we have to give these little seeds a place to flourish.
Since I have noticed this - I have been asking myself more often - what am I doing to make sure those seeds have a place they can continue to grow and how do I stop fear and hurt from stopping the progression, but instead embracing it all?

Taking steps into complete and utter darkness is scary, and the unknown is a hard place to venture. But, sometimes it takes complete darkness to find the crack that lets the light in.
As Brene Brown stated ever so eloquently "choose courage over comfort" - "loving yourself and owning your story are the bravest things you will ever do".
Make sure you welcome the little seeds - no matter where they take you - and allow them to grow, and then in turn, you can to!




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