Dig Deeper or Dig Smarter?

 I have been wondering quite a bit lately regarding how it is possible to work as hard as I do sometimes and still feel like I am moving sideways,  in circles, or just at a slower pace than it feels it should. Because of this - I decided to start looking at how I address life's challenges. How I put my head down and push through some times when I don't feel like it. I find that when things don't make sense I try to make sense of them to fast and end up making less sense than I did when I started trying to make the sense in the first place. (wow that was a good example of what I mean).

What I have come around to is this... when we hit moments in our lives and we find in ourselves needing to dig deeper for extra in ourselves - would it not be better to take a step back, or think from another perspective than we are currently sitting at. Thinking smarter can mean a whole lot of different things. This can be as simple as taking a break, going to work out, taking a walk, finding a person to talk to that you trust or that can give you a different perspective. . . I know that sometimes it feels like you are not working hard enough then or you can feel guilty about the time away (I am a pro at feeling guilty or that i am not giving enough) but maybe we are to close or looking at things upside down and backwards - where moving back for a minute or getting someone else's opinion could cause the work you are doing to go faster or more efficient in the long run.

Now, this goes against my nature - my want is to dig in and dig hard - to keep moving at a faster pace than before and piling more things on my plate that I know deep down that I can get done - which leaves me usually feeling like a failure or all my inadequacies come creeping up and it becomes hard to not have the little skeptical voices in my head telling me I am not good enough or I am in too deep.

I have always felt that if I am not doing something at any given moment it makes me less of a woman - less of a successful person - just LESS -- Because I don't like struggling with these thoughts or feelings at all and I am really susceptible to them I have had to remind myself daily (sometimes many times in a day) - to get up, take a walk around - go for a work out - leave some things till the morning -  when I have fresh eyes and a new perspective. To dig smarter - not deeper in those moments. This does and will take some re-learning - but our brains do not always see things clearly when we are up close - we need to take the time to slow down and back up. Doing this can help us all not only enjoy life more - but become better people and better at our chosen craft.

"those of us who are crazy enough to believe we can change the world are the ones that do"


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