to the other side

"if my life made sense
to me right now..
i wonder how
much i would lean
on you.
the fact that
i know you're
ahead of this
troubled time
has brought me
closer to you
in ways that
wouldn't have
through any
other circumstances
then these...
in order to come
out of this alive
i need you
to come to
my rescue
and be the one
i count on
when everyone
else around me
has disappeared
and i have all but given up.
it is the time when
all i have to hold
onto is hope
to get me to
the other side
of this
without drowning
this is when i have
needed you
the most
and you have
shown me yourself
your heart
And i
will try not to
forget this time
with you.
I will remember it
as nothing less
then when i
fell in love
with my
for the first time."


Meldon Mercas said…
I was reading thru some of your older poetry and one comment you made stuck out at me. If you are a window through which light can pass, then you are a stained glass window whose beauty would rival the great cathedrals of old.

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