"do i have the faith to keep going?
do i have the strength
to take up this cross?

i can't pick myself up right now
maybe i'll just lie here a while
and pretend that everything is okey...
(it might just disappear?!?)

as i look up at the ceiling
and watch the heavy snow of life
pile up on top of me
any light that once gave me peace
slowly dims...
and the stars that gave me hope
are disappearing
one by one

all i can do is hold my breath
and close my eyes
im scared to death
as i watch
my dreams crumble to peices
underneath the weight of it all...
i can fool everyone else
why won't with mask
work on me?

i wish i could believe
that you will
pick up all the peices and
put everything together...
but these shattered
reminants of my life
appear too small too be
recognizable anymore
and you couldn't find me
in here even if you
wanted too...

(please prove me wrong)"



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