detoxing from anxiety

"It has been said that real freedom is about setting others free. In the spirit of that powerful definition, my greatest hope is that we will reach out across our differences and through our shame to share our stories and to connect with those who need to hear, 'you are not alone'." - Brene Brown

I was talking to my husband the other day about  how the nervous system stores energy and the chemicals that course through your body throughout your life and if you don't expel them they can become a part of your body - a part of YOU. This is something we all deal with bits and pieces of - but then there are the types that live in a high anxiety state all the time - and we don't ever let our guard down - those emotions continue held up there in those muscles and muscle memory - and then your body wraps the chemicals in fat cells to protect you from them. But, these chemicals become a part of your muscles, your organs, throughout your whole body ... so after years of continuing to pack more and more emotional trauma and anxiety into my body and then effects of that emotional trauma - common symptoms for me are chest lock down, stomach tightness, shoulder and neck tightness, locking your breathing down - and these are just to name a few.
As I start finding different ways thought to release some of these emotions and get past some of these past hurts, I have found my body trying to let go of these things in different ways. There are flair ups, days where my body rejects the though and everything comes flooding back - days when I feel the like build of of energy has no where to go and it sends my emotions and body for a long arduous ride. Never knowing what, or how, or how long is tricky and learning to understand your body is also hard to catch.
But, where I am taking all of this is that you need to understand that your body - on all levels - cannot let go of of all of this at once. Anxiety is like a drug that has coursed through your system for many years - it has been your safety net - your anchor, your ability to deal wit your surroundings. Once you starting weaning your body off it that state, you have to understand that it will be a difficult road and one you will fight with to get all that "toxin" out of your body. You have to start relearning how to cope and deal with the situations you are in, your surroundings, etc. And in that, you will have good days, and bad days, and in between days. Days you want to quit and days you feel strong and ready to fight for your life back. I have had any number of things feel like they are leaving my body -  anything from night sweats, to eye twitching, to days where my panic feels so bad I just want to curl up in a ball, headaches, stomach aches,  and entire body fatigue. This can look and feel different for everyone....

But, anxiety is not just the feelings you are going through now - if you are someone who has struggled with it for years - than I promise you this will not go away over night. It took a long time for your body to get here in this place - and it will take a long time for it to expel itself as well. There can be so many layers of where all of this was found - and in that I feel that well it can seem like forever and the onion layers seem endless - each time you release some you feel slightly better. As we let go of certain things we can feel we have a little more control. I have found. Through this healing and moving on - the best thing to do - is to face your fears - meet the things that scare you or cause automatic physiological reactions, head on. From there we can start to heal. And support each other while we are doing it because we are not in this alone - but Together we can make a difference in each other's lives!



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