#Change the World with Me

Ok, so the days have seemed to get away from me the last little while,  which I have been trying to not let that happen, as I believe time passes to quickly and we tend to forget that each moment we are given is in fact a gift. However, this got me thinking. We are given 1440 minutes each day and if we get the whole day that equates to 86400 seconds. I have been sitting here writing for 2 minutes now - which is 120 of those seconds. That may not seem like a lot of time, but really it is. I know time is relative to what you are doing though, for instance two minutes working on something important or being around someone your love, time can can fly by, where two minutes running can seem like a lifetime (am I right?!)....
Anyway, breaking things down in my head a bit more - a realized that  I spend about 10 hours working each weekday and 2 hours at the gym 4-5 days a week - which when I am only awake for 17-18 hours a day, is a good chunk of my time in a week. That is  approx. 12 hours taken up out of a day, without having to think that hard about it. When you consider you are awake for 18 - that leaves 6 hours to do with what you can for yourself and for those important in your life. Not a lot of time when you look at it.

As I sit here listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (one of my favorites) I starting thinking - something about this piece of music brings out every emotion that I am feeling and takes me into myself and my thoughts - which is I believe why I truly love it. But, in this reflection, I am understanding that I rarely allow myself to sit back and just feel or think about what I am feeling and that will usually lead to the deepest desires, hopes, and dreams. These moments though can unlock a part of ourselves and remind us we are human and we are all here for a purpose - which I believe is bigger than ourselves.

So, if we are all here for a purpose - than why do so many of us tend to loose sight of that - what is it about life that lets time pass so quickly and how did it get to be Oct 13 of 2016 and yet it feels like I have barely had time to blink.

But as life passes by, I am now continuing to ask myself, where in our days do we fit time in to feel, to be human, to allow ourselves to think, to reach out to others, to be present with others and ourselves. where do we allow ourselves to dream, to prepare, to see the bigger picture?
Where in our days do you fit time in to show kindness to a stranger, or grace to someone in your life, or hope to someone who desperately needs it. Where do we allow ourselves to truly live instead of coasting through life and our routines of daily living?

I truly want to find a way to live out my dreams and keep making new ones, not keep them in a box and forget about them. I want to help people realize there dreams as well. Living in the moment can help you truly enjoy the little moments in life - the ones that make you feel alive - the ones we live for - a touch, a prayer, a hope, a promise for more, the feeling all of these can give you - that we are not alone - that we truly are in this together.
We can spend our time doing or we can spend to much time thinking about doing, but when do we live in the in between - in the moment.  If not now ... when?
We are only promised the moment we are living in and we are always on borrowed time. None of us know when our time is up and we pass on to the other side.
If you died today, whose lives would be touched? who would feel the loss? whose heart would be missing a piece? who would say they are a better person for knowing you? who would cry? who would feel like the world lost a significant soul?

I therefore bring myself back to what I believe I was made to live for . . . to above all else,  make sure that the lives I touch - the people who know me, the people who meet me, can say that I not only bettered the world - but I bettered their world. That my kindness, my grace, my compassion, my love for life, my perseverance towards my dreams, my leadership, and my interaction in their life - no matter how big or small - made an impact in who they are and in how they live, in how they see themselves and what they believed about themselves. That my hopes for the future, mine as well as others around me, made such an impact that the world was made better by me being a part of it and that my life always pointed towards something bigger than myself. I don't want to be known as pointing any of this towards me and what I can do here - that is far from the point  - I want it to be about more - I want it all to be so much bigger than me - I want it to be about others - about US as humans. 

And through that I hope to eventually cause a movement deeper than surface. One that even when I am gone - can continue into the depths of humanity, into the fabric of what our world is consisted of and that time didn't pass me by -but I slowed it down and made each and every single moment count. To be a repairer of broken walls. To help rebuild and renew and inspire. To see the greatness in people and help them believe it for themselves or if they already do - then to unite with them and continue to spread it to others!

I guess for now I will leave it at that. But, yet again I am turning to the next page. the next minute and moving forward to every minute I am given hereafter.

"People who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones that do"
steve jobs




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