I want to be used.
I want you to use
me as a star points
towards heaven
towards you.
Leading others
to your aboundless
love that surpasses
that i've
ever understood.
Take my hands
and touch lives
for your glory.
In this world
of darkness
as your
light is growing dim
in this world
it's hard to
shine for you
when I am
dealing with so
many attacks from
It's hard to keep pointing
at you
please hold my
hand up
and help
point it in the
right direction
cause it's dark down here
and my arm is getting
Anchor me in you
and show me
all you have for me
all my beauty,
all that you
see in my heart.
Teach me through example
and when I get lost,
as will enevitably happen,
guide me
to your arms
and remind me
that I
am worth
fighting for"



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