I think that what we don't take into account when we're young is our endless curiousity. thats what so great about being human

"Two women are stiting at a table talking:

1st woman: Time just dissovles with these quick moving particles that are swirling away. Either I'm moving fast, or time is, but never both simultaneously.
2nd woman: Such a strange paradox. I mean, well techinically, I'm closer to the end of my life than I've ever been. I actually feel, more than ever, that I have all the time in the world. When I was younger, there was a desperation, a desire for certainty, like thre was an end to the path and I had to get there.
1st woman: I know what you mean, because I can remember thinking, oh someday, like in my mid-thirties maybe, everything is going to just somehow gel and settle, just end. It was like there was this plateau, and it was just waiting for me and I was climbing up it. When I got to the top, all growth and change would just stop, even exhileration. But, that hasn't happened like that, thank goodness. I think that what we don't take into account when we're young is our endless curiosity. That's what's so great about being human.
2nd woman: Yeah... Well, do you know that thing Benedict Anderson says about identity?
1st woman: No.
2nd woman:Well, he's talking about like, say, a baby picture. So, you pick up this picture of this two-dimensional image and you say, 'that's me'. Well, to connect this baby in this weird little image with yourself living and breathing in the present, you have to make up a story like, 'This was mewhen I was a year old, and then later I had long hair, and then we moved to Riverdale, and now here I am.' So, it takes a story that's actually a fiction to make you and the baby in the picture identical...to create your identity.
1st woman: And the funny things is, our cells are completely regenerating every seven years. We've already become completely different people several times over, and yet, we always remain quintessentially ourselves."

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