Don"t we all feel a little bit like this sometimes???

Sorry For Myself
Written by - Jann Arden

"I've been on my hands and knees
Crawling towards eternity
Looking for the piece of me that always got away
And I've been so afraid to stand my ground
So I simply shut my mouth
Close my eyes
Bite my lip
And swallow every tear

I can't do anything
I don't believe in anyone
I just feel sorry for myself all day long
All day long

Look inside my body baby
See the twists and turns inside it
Every blinding curve that drives you right around the bend
I know you've had it up to there with all my chaos and confusion
I am living a delusion and I do not give a damn

I can't do anything
I don't need anybody else
I just feel sorry for myself
For myself

Look into my heart and tell me I am a complete disaster
Wasn't that what you were after
Always thought it was
Wasn't I complete desire
Filthy ash without the fire
You could not have been much higher without some kind of drug"


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