Captivating/Wild at Heart

For all of you readers out there, and those of you who don't read very much
I am in the middle of reading some books that I think would be beneficial everyone.
There is a book for men and women and about unveiling the mystery of both sexes souls.
They are written by John Eldredge (and his wife Stasi coauthored for Captivating).

It isn't enough just to read the one for your particular sex either - because each book has a unique thing to say about the opposite sex and it is all something that we both should hear about ourselves and the other - and gives you glimpses into the heart of the oposite sex that helps you understand them and where they are coming from and how the heart can be damaged and broken so easily as you grow up.

Anyway, I can see these books having a big effect on the way we treat one another and how we treat ourselves and how we need to come into who we are and draw closer to God so he can help fix the part of our lives that were damaged.

I know there are some skeptics that think books are crap and they have nothing to share that you can't learn of find elsewhere - but if you have some time - trust me on this one...
I at least know from my experience what I want no only from myself and have been called to a higher calling so to speak but it has also raised my made me realize what it is that I want from my man and the relationship we will share one day.

i'm not sure if this came out right, but anyway - read the books for yourself - they are fascinating and John and Stasi Eldredge bring some insight from a man and a women on real deep issues.

Think about it

Captivating --> unveiling the mystery of a women's soul (John and Stasi Eldredge)
Wild at Heart --> Discovering the Secret of a man's soul (John Eldredge)

**I would actually as a side note recommend all of the books by JohnEldredge - he is constantly asking us to step up and ask God to bring out our true selfs and draw nearer to him and join the war that we are fighting (unknowingly most of the time)


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