a love so completely undeserved from a God continually let down

one thing i have come to realize now more than ever is that there are so many people out there and that most of them are suffering from a lack of love.. from everyone... including myself.
we all walk around here and get caught up in our own worlds of whatever we do on a regular basis... of what our week consists of ... and the air of hypocracy crawls around me like a black cloud.... Where did Jesus go too in all of this... where did his radical ideas and out of the box of conventionalism go to ... we seem to have lost sight of exactly what God has called us to do... he didn't say we all need to go out and tell the world they are going to hell... he said we need to go out and make disciples and to love our neighbour (ie. other people) as ourselves... to go out and have lunch with the sick and to be friends with the social outcasts and broken spirited... we are not here to help the heathy - they don't need the help... how do we get so caught up in ourselves... how did selfishness take the place of compassion and when did angry shouts of damnation take over God's love that he so desperatly wants us to share with anyone who will listen.
I truly feel that we need to put down our "weapons" and love one another no matter who they are or where they come from or what they believe.... they God's love and we are God's medium through which they will recieve it.. but we seem to be failing at this task (which was inevitable considering we are human) but God believed enough in us to entrust us with this very important task and I can only pray that we stop taking it so lightly...

sadly this is all easier said then done... and all i can do is take it day by day and thank God endlessly that he has the mercy that he does on me and my unperfect life and try to do better the next day- praying for the wisdom to change even the smallest things - slowing making me into what he sees me to be.


Anonymous said…
Five five... thumbs up... I appreciate you and your passion for God, Andrea!
Anonymous said…
Wow... I actually meant to type "HIGH five"... but apparently I just like repeating myself... :)
James... you have my admiration for everything you do and how you put all of yourself into the youth at North Park so passionatly.
You are a man that has shown me time after time that God doesn't expect us to be perfect, he expects us to try to live like him knowing full well that we will never make it there as humans. and that His love dissipates into everything - and that is one thing that we should never lose sight of.
Thank you for your continued support and pray and understanding through everything James! And whether a bunch of people, very few, or only God himself sees - I do see everything you put into the youth and i respect you for every bit of it. God is using you in incredible ways!
here's to another year!

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