here with me

"through many periods of darkness
i am catching glimpses of your light
and warmth
washing over me here.
even though i can't see your face
or hear your voice in an audible sense
i can tell you are here
with me in this moment.
i see you in so many places and things
that i cannot believe i forget or overlook
your majesty.
i can be so stubburn and prideful
that ignore your plan for my life
and treat it so
but, in this stillness - in this beauty that you created
I am soaking you into my soul
and rejuvinating my life
while enjoying every bit of your creation.
And yet, it is distinctly possibly i
will once again discredit all you have done,
taking it all into my own incapable hands.
cause somehow,
no matter how much you love
me i will enevitably fail at this game
as i puppet fails to stand on it's own.
There is no concievable reason
for my life to deserve redemtion
looking thru these human eyes,
but i guess that's the
unconditional love in it all -
cause through the good and the
you remain...
right here with me"

ac - 2005


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