"You never know God is all you need, till God is all you got"

i read this quote the other day - and the truth in it hit me hard. Yet, how often do we only remember that when we are going through a hard time... God is so easy to reach for when we are suffering and going thru dark hard times -

it's not that he is forgotten, just put on the shelf for later use.. or futher consultation. and i want to bad to change the cycle and for a while i do - but i know for me - i have to think about life as something that isn't certain, things might seem alright now, but what about the next minute or hour or day ... and so on - God knows what's going to happen then - and i don't - so as hard as it is to forget that God is there for me (even in the good times) I want to remember and praise him for any once of peace i recieve -

I am a worrier and I have found that even good days can be crowded with worry in the back of my mind wondering what bad crap is going to happen next in my life... and well you don't need to tell me that worrying does nothing good the human body or the mind - but God deals with the day to day worry stuff so much better than me -
yah things may get worse - but i don't want to make my self sick about it - over the past few months I have seen God give me strength to deal with things that i could have sworn would have been the end of me- but they weren't - he came true to his promise that he will never give me something I can't handle - that alone has given me my strength - and then the verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - it just astounds me that God would do that for me - after all the let downs and put downs and slaps in the face i give him - he never lets me down.

anyway - my favorite verse is "though he slay me, still i hope in him" - Job is one of my all time bible heroes -- whenever i think i have it bad i remember job and his life - and it reminds me that compared to the rest of the world, i have it so good that i can't even fathom it..so no matter what i go though God deserves my praise, not yelling at him or telling him that he's not fair etc....


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